1. What is the purpose of this website?

The purpose is for the farmers, farming Chia, to test how the transactions on Chia blockchain work. There are currently no known real world uses for the Chia Network (except farming and pooling), so we built this to show you how games can be perpetuated by the blockchain. You can test your farm and see how transactions work, by sending a transaction to us and always receiving one back.

2. How do the games work?

Simply send an amount in Chia (XCH) to one of our receive addresses and you will be included in the next game, after the transaction is processed by the blockchain. When the outcome is calculated and game completed, you will receive your prize back to your wallet. There is only one bet possible with the wheel and the coin, where with the dice, you can place 11 different bets, with different odds and payouts. The bet you place is determined by the receive address you send it to.

3. How often do the wheel and the dice spin?

A spin happens every 5 blocks. We combine all the bets received every 5 blocks in a single game, the result is calculated from the header hash of last block in the game. The games are provably fair and nobody can know the outcome in advance, or change it. The results can be checked back indefinitely. Read more about it here.

4. How does the coin work?

In the coin game, the result is instant and calculated by using your coin name and our secret plain text.

5. How is the game result calculated from the blockchain?

The result for dice and wheel is calculated using block header hash and secret plaintext that is set in advance and valid for 24h. For the coin, it is calculated from your coin name and our secret plaintext. You can check the secret plaintext against the hash on our provably fair page.

6. I sent my bet, but it didn’t get included in the current game. Why?

Blockchain needs time to process and not every block is a transaction block. When you send your Chia from the wallet, the wallet will let you know what block height your transaction was processed. It will be included in the game that includes that block.

7. I sent a bet, but the “Payout To” address is different than the one I sent from?

This is normal in Chia blockchain. Your wallet has almost infinite addresses and you can never know what address you send from. But we can read the address the Chia came from and return the winnings to that address. The Chia will always land back in your wallet.

8. The wheel or dice got stuck and seems to show a different result than what I received?

Technical problems can happen, but the wheel and the dice are only a graphical representation of the actual score. The motion of the wheel or dice does not determine the outcome of the game in any way. The outcome is determined from 2nd block header hash after the betting round is closed. You can read about it in our provably fair page.

9. Can I send from my exchange wallet?

No, do not do that, we cannot guarantee that the exchange will read the incoming transaction correctly and credit it to your account!

10. What happens if I send an amount outside of limit amount?

Bets under minimum bet amount will be ignored, bets over 2 XCH will be returned. We prohibit use of scripts for sending transactions and automatic transaction spamming!

11. I placed a bet, but the website went down, or there were some technical problems?

Do not worry, our system is set to process all transactions and since the game result is actually calculated from the blockchain, the games are always fair and precise. Even if you can’t view the website, your game any payout will still be processed honestly. You can always check the outcome of any game as long as the Chia blockchain exists, using our Provably fair page.

12. Do I need to spend money to play this game?

Absolutely not. The game is meant for farmers who got lucky farming Chia with their HDDs. You can also get free Chia instantly using different Chia faucets.

13. What is the difference between the Ultimate Wheel game and Magic Dice game?

With the Ultimate Wheel you simply send your Chia coins our way and wait for the result of the wheel. There are 21 prizes on the wheel, each with 4.76% chance of hit. With the dice, there are 11 possible bets, with different chances and payouts. You choose your bet by sending your Chia to one of the 11 receive addresses. With the Magic Dice you choose your own risk, ranging from 50% to 16.66%.

14. How does the Lucky Draw work?

Lucky Draw, our latest game, is run only on special occasions, such as special block numbers. One ticket costs 0.05 XCH and you can purchase any multiple of that. For example, 0.25 XCH buys you 5 tickets. The money from the tickets is that distributed to the winners in the following matter: 1st place takes 66% of the pot, 2nd place 20% and 3rd place gets 10% of all paid in tickets. The rest of the tickets are paid 888 mojos per ticket paid in. The payouts are usually all processed within an hour after the results are calculated.

15. What is this “Mojo” you are talking about?

1 Mojo is the smallest unit of cryptocurrency Chia, just like Satoshi is of Bitcoin

16. Who are you and why these games?

We are team of Chia enthusiasts, farmers, who really believe in the future of this blockchain. We created these games to show an example of the blockchain technology and to give you possibility of trying on chain transactions. Please feel free to contact us.